Mr Bluefish & I

YOU'RE HERE YOU'RE HERE!!!! This business has been a passion project for the last year and I am so excited to share it with you!

Hi, I'm Natasha

I am a mum of two, and the hands and face behind Mr. Bluefish.

Why Mr. Bluefish?

The name was inspired by a blue fish rescued by Thai divers in the Indian ocean. It had gotten stuck in a transparent plastic bag and in the video the divers had to shake this little guy out.

The plastic bag looked so unnatural in this environment and made me realize how little we really see, when it comes to the impact of our consumption habits on the environment.

As a consumer I know we need more options when we take our hard earned cash and stand in front of the endless rows of plastic covered products wishing them to be more sustainable.

I want to create products that give you and me choices that are better for the planet. 

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