We all have that shelf at the back of the closet allocated for stuff that will hopefully move on to someone.

When it comes to sustainability the UAE is trail blazing its way to setting new targets and creating change. As an individual or business we all have the opportunity to do better when it comes to our consumption. Lets Give Better as well. 

With the number of sustainable small businesses popping up everyday we have plenty of options to choose a sustainable, eco friendly, sometimes locally made gift for our friends. 

Here's a roundup of some our favorites at Mr Bluefish Co 


This is specific to the person you are gifting, but the choices are endless. They could range from a class (my favorite gift last year was a pottery class see below), tickets to a show or theme park, a course online, a fragrance mixology or art workshop, a spa day, vouchers for pretty much anything. 

Touch of Clay

About: Started by Mubarraka 8 years ago, a studio that was a passion turned into a profession. Pottery nourishes the soul and the journey of clay from a ball of clay to a finished product is just beautiful. With 20 years of experience as a potter, Mubaraka has the magic touch when it comes to clay. She teaches handbuilding and pottery on the wheel to students of all ages.

 Sustainable Values: The studio recycles its clay everyday by softening and wedging it for reuse. The water used is also reused by letting the clay settle and then reused for classes. Nothing is wasted, the soft clay is used as slip for projects that require sticking. They use upcycled newspapers and reusable jute bags as packaging.

 Gift Idea: For the DIYer who loves to learn

Prices: The starter package for 4 classes at AED 650


Boho Salon 


About: Started in November 2020 by Layla Al Hajajj, Boho Salon is the first and only sustainable and ethical salon in Abu Dhabi. Their goal with Boho was to offer hair & beauty services, while educating people to minimize waste and making better buying choices by looking at the ingredients they are putting on themselves. 

 Sustainable Values:They only work with brands that source ingredients ethically, work with natural ingredients, use recycled, biodegradable or carbon neutral packaging, have minimal impact while production, pay workers fairly and are cruelty free. In addition they implement sustainable practices in the salon that save water such as backwash showers that save 65% water. They use eco friendly cleaners, even the decor is made from natural and sustainable material. 

Gift Idea: For the Non Toxic beauty 

Pricing: Vouchers starting at AED 250

Call for Booking: +971 2 546 6996